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Get Deeper into the Freshwater Aquarium and Aquascaping Hobby

The next stop on our safari through the animal regions of YouTube are Freshwater Aquarium channels. If you are looking to find new YouTube channels help take your aquascaping aesthetic to the next level, keep a low-tech tank with no algae, or just learn the basics of caring for fish Channel Galaxy can help you find it.

These five Freshwater Aquascaping and Aquarium channels are a great place to start discovering more YouTube channels in this area, but be sure to click through to the Channel Galaxy list of recommendations for these channels to discover dozens more.

Go Herping on YouTube with these Reptile Channels

Today we are continuing our safari through the exotic animal regions of YouTube with the Channel Galaxy's cluster of Reptile channels. Whether you are looking to find new YouTube channels to get your kids interested in science, nature, and animals or are just looking for high quality reptile and herpetology content Channel Galaxy can help you find it.

Discover these five reptile focused YouTube channels featuring snakes, lizards, turtles, and the occasional crocodilian, both captive specimens and wild specimens encountered on herping outings.

5 Top Physics Channels

YouTube offers many science education channels guiding the curious through the mysteries of the universe. From channels offering a standard collegiate level course in physics to others exploring physics insight to everyday phenomena to channels keeping up with cutting edge research, YouTube has creators covering this area from a range of angles. Discover these channels here on Channel Galaxy.

In this article we’ll be going over channels covering physics science, education, and demonstrations on YouTube.

5 Top Astronomy Channels

Seeking out new worlds and new Youtube channels about those worlds? Here are some of the best YoutTube channels covering astronomy.

In this article we’ll be going over channels covering planets, asteroids, stars, and other objects in outer space in addition to the probes used to study them.

The Best Bug Channels on YouTube

What are the best channels to find interesting videos on insects, arachnids, and other creepy crawly critters?

Check out these six YouTube channels covering arthropods, entomology, and arachnology!

Discover 5 Smaller Rocket Science YouTube Channels

Where can you learn more about space engineering and rocket science on YouTube?

You’re probably already familiar with big names like NASA and SpaceX and the fact these places have their own official YouTube channels but YouTube offers a number of independent space engineering commentators giving unbiased reviews of the news and action in this sector.

In this article we’ll be going over five smaller YouTube channels covering space technology and rocket science:

The Best Deep Sea Exploration YouTube Channels

If you are into exploring you know that finding alien life is the ultimate discovery. But you don't have to travel the Milky Way Galaxy to find alien lifeforms. We have plenty right here on Earth that you can find if you explore the Channel Galaxy! Here are the Top Deep Sea Exploration channels on YouTube:

How to use the Channel Galaxy Map

Are you looking to find new YouTube channels? Are you sick of the same YouTube recommendations coming up on your home page over and over again? While Channel Galaxy's Recommended Channels suggestions are the best way to find new youtube channels that make content similar to a channel you already watch, the Channel Galaxy Map let's you get a sense of all of YouTube and what other interests and niches exist across the whole Galaxy of social media video creators.