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How to use the Channel Galaxy Map:

Are you looking to find new YouTube channels? Are you sick of the same YouTube recommendations coming up on your home page over and over again?

While Channel Galaxy's Recommended Channels suggestions are the best way to find new youtube channels that make content similar to a channel you already watch, the Channel Galaxy Map let's you get a sense of all of YouTube and what other interests and niches exist across the whole Galaxy of social media video creators.

The Channel Galaxy Map is the Best Way to Explore YouTube

The Channel Galaxy Map uses advanced machine learning techniques to places recommended YouTube channels near to each other on the map.

You may click and drag or zoom (with +- buttons or mousewheel) the map view like a usual internet map application. Click the pins to get a card with the pinned channel's name and icon hovering over the pin. Click on the cards that appear over pins to go to that channel's page on and get YouTube channel recommendations.

You will frequently find the recommended channels cluster in a particular part of the map, giving you a sense of placement for the channel you are viewing. The pinned channels on the map are directly connected to the current channel and appear somewhere in the listing of Recommended Channels below the map. Currently only about one in ten of our channels are mapped, so the listing of Recommended Channels contains more than the pinned channels and will let you get deeper into Youtube.

Find Channels You'll Both Enjoy

The pinned channels can also tell you which related channels can bridge between regions in the map.

For example, Jeff Nippard is a fitness YouTuber who takes an analytical scientific approach. His content and audience is very different from Manny Mua, a make-up instructional YouTuber.

We see Manny Mua’s related channels cluster in the South-East of the map:
Similar Channels to Manny Mua on the Channel Galaxy Map
While most of Jeff Nippard's similar channels cluster in the North-West we clearly see on the map that one recommended channel is an outlier further East and South, Stephanie Buttermore:
Similar Channels to Jeff Nippard on the Channel Galaxy Map
She is a medical researcher who does fitness advice on YouTube and is Jeff Nippard's life partner. While not directly similar to Manny Mua, she is similar to Whitney Simmons, another female fitness YouTube channel which posts workout routines and diet advice, and Whitney Simmons is directly similar to Manny Mua.

A fan of Jeff Nippard may find content they can discuss or enjoy together with a fan of Manny Mua by exploring some of the channels between the two on the map.

Take Back Control of Social Media Video from Big Tech Algorithms

Perhaps the best use of the map is to break out of your content bubble.

Use the Channel Galaxy Map to understand where the content you currently enjoy is and see where you can go to explore content outside of your usual. Get a Bird's Eye View of all of YouTube by zooming out.

Maybe you want to explore the mirror opposite of your viewing habits on the opposite side of the Channel Galaxy. Maybe you want to find out what your interests turned up to 11 would look like by moving away from the center towards the Galactic Rim. Maybe you want to tour the deep core of YouTube in the map's center.

Zoom in to find a channel name on the map to search or keep clicking pins in the direction you want to travel!

With the Channel Galaxy Map you are in full control of where your curiosity will take you.